About Faythe


Faythe has over 2 decades of experience as a successful change facilitator.  Doctors, Lawyers, University Professors, Pharmacists, Company Presidents, Bank Mangagers, Teachers, Clergy and many other types of clients have used Faythe’s services in making signficant life and career changes.

Individuals and companies have used Faythe’s expertise to resolve work place challenges and improve productivity.

Many happy clients have improved motivation, increased focus, reduced stress, increased productivity, and have greater life satisfaction as a result of Faythe’s programs.

Faythe’s clients often work with her for years and their satisfaction has made them a constant source of word of mouth referrals.  This has given Faythe a busy practice without the need for advertising for 17 years.

Faythe has worked as a Counsellor and a Coach, is a Certified Coaching Professional, currently Chairperson of ‘Coastal Coaches,’ and is a member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers).

Over her career Faythe has been a sought after Speaker, and has given workshops, training, and Keynote Speeches in her areas of expertise.



Faythe Graduated from the Astley Ainslie School of Occupational Therapy in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Faythe also earned an Honors Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Western Ontario.

Faythe has created an ongoing continuing education program for her own personal development which, along with her international network of peer experts, keeps her awareness and material current.


Personally Speaking

Faythe has raised three children who are now great adults.  One is a Home Renovator and Musician,  another a Geologist, and the youngest is a Translator.

As part of a life long passion for music, Faythe has taught piano, been an associate member of the Music Therapy Association, and played in such productions as ‘Carmina Burana.’

Other playtime activities include ‘white water canoeing,’ dancing, hiking and biking with indoor loves of playing the piano and reading.

Faythe and her Engineer husband met on the Internet and have a fascinating story of their Intercoastal love affair.

A love of writing is also a characteristic of Faythe’s, and as a result of listening over time to the struggles of the human soul Faythe wrote a book called ‘Remember Who You Are.’


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