Remember Who You Are 

Written by: Faythe Buchanan 

Artwork by: Joan Buchanan


Self Esteem for the Soul

Know your own value at a deep level!
Come face to face with the beauty and perfection that is You!

This book is a collection of writings and art work that take
you inward to be in awe of Who You Really Are.

Enjoy your Reflection!  


Quotes from ‘Remember Who You Are’

by Faythe Buchanan, Artwork by Patricia Buchanan

 . . . Contrary to your fear that if you know yourself, you will not like who you are . . .
‘It is my experience that when you meet and get to know yourself ‘ You will always fall in Love!’

‘When I think that . . . Death is my Protection
I forget that Life is my Friend
and that
in Life
or Death
I am Eternal

‘Soul Sunshine’
‘Where our Smiles meet . . . Yours, Little One and mine
That’s where Heaven is  . . .

Children Step out of Eternity into our Lives and Bring us ‘Soul Sunshine’
‘I kneel before the Emblem of my Soul
In awe of the Beauty
I Am.’



“’Remember Who You Are’ will awaken your inner
wisdom revolving around your immortal soul.
Its poetic prose compromises a loving tapestry that is truly
inspired and spiritually freeing.”

~Dr. John F. Demartini
Best-selling author of ‘The Breakthrough Experience, The Gratitude Effect’

‘I use it as a night-time ‘treat’.
~Nicola Satler

Remember Who You Are is a ‘gift’… it is a soulful gift to anyone seeking wisdom and guidance on finding and celebrating their true inner spirit . . . Faythe’s inspired poetry, combined with Joan’s exquisite images, provide a powerful combination of visual and literary art.  Together Faythe and Joan have found a medium, which touches one’s very core and shines a light on all that is precious in our existence; this amazing sisterly partnership helps us remember who we really are!  I find myself returning to it again and again, when I need inspiration for re-membering’
~Nadine Wentzell