Fear is Expensive!

Fear is a feeling we can activate quite often – when something is changing, something is unknown, or when something is a challenge.

Often there is an illusion that fear ‘keeps us safe.’ We learn this from experiences where we survived difficulties, and as we went through these events, we were afraid or anxious – but we did indeed survive! So our brain sometimes ‘thinks’ it was the fear that kept us safe!

This is not a thought we are aware of, however it is common for many people, that anxiety or fear is necessary for safety or the prevention of danger.

This encourages us to activate fear the next time there is a difficult situation, and again and again.

Of course, fear does not keep us safe, perhaps the opposite.

Because the ‘lights go out’ in our thinking brain when we are emotional or afraid, we may compromise our ‘safety’ by activating fear. This is expensive in business or in life! In our current ‘thought-based’ culture, we need to think logically and calmly to be effective. A great deal of energy is wasted for individuals and for companies because of the unconscious belief that fear is important.

Let’s learn the strategies to unlearn fear, anxiety, ‘stress’ and not waste time and money on a response that has no actual function!