Keynote Speaker

Faythe has designed and delivered workshops which create educational experiences under these topics:

‘Unlearning Worry’

What would you do with all the energy you would save if you could unlearn worry?  Find out in a Workshop format how to unlearn the stress response and spend your energy in ways that fulfill your life rather than pour your resources into the ‘stress-pool’ of unfulfilled dreams.

Motivation by Design

We all create an unconscious blueprint and we live from that our whole life unless we create a conscious design.  Most of us motivate ourselves by ‘have to, must, ought to, and I’ll get into trouble if I don’t.  This kind of motivation creates resistance and wastes a lot of energy.  Learn to change your motivational system to one that is ‘fired by desire’ rather than ‘pressured by punishment!’

Learn in a workshop format to find out your unconscious blueprint, change it to one you are proud to live from.

‘Everything You Wanted to Know about Relationships and Didn’t Want to go into Therapy to Find Out!

Who taught you about relationships?

How does your learning style affect how you relate?

What blueprint have you created in your experiential brain which runs your relationships?

Learn in a workshop setting to understand what creates our relationships patterns, and how to consciously and effectively be with others in work and personal settings.