We are not as Evolved as We Think We Are!!

The car door slams! The golf club comes down on the hood of a stranger’s car who cut you off! A colleague says something harsh and you run weeping out of the room! Your day is full of tasks and meetings and you fall crumpled in your chair ‘exhausted’ before you have even raised a finger.

Why do we do these things? Are the impulses to attack, to run away or to ‘play dead’ part of useful problem solving?
or are we letting an ancient operating system in our old brain run the show?!

What if we can learn to stop wasting energy like this? What if we can ‘Give our Brain an Upgrade’ and install a new operating system that is relevant to how we now live? What if business can be a place of pleasant, efficient interactions, and our planet a model of thoughtful governments and international peace?

Have a delightful day, free from ancient upset!