What Faythe Does

Faythe helps her clients achieve their objectives and see significant change through


Training Coaching Speaking


Executive Coaching:

Are You Interested In Any of the Following:

  • Eliminating procrastination
  • Prioritizing your activities to minimize stress
  • Approaching disappointment and mistakes with comfort and calm
  • Dealing with difficult customers and clients with ease and understanding
  • Gaining expertise in understanding and working with personality styles of employees and clients
  • Maximizing your motivation and undoing energy blocks
  • Balancing your life and energy to produce wellth in all areas

If these are of interest to you then the ‘WellthCoach’ Executive Coaching Program is for you.

Over a span of 7 months Faythe will skillfully take you through your own blueprint of how life works and help you consciously design a new working plan for all areas of life.
We have plenty of examples of brilliant individuals who burned out due to lack of skills in some areas of life – Steve Jobs, Howard Hughes, Michael Jackson to name a few.
Learn to be ‘Wellthy’ in all areas of life:

Success in the Following Components of Life brings – WELLTH

Wealth + Health = WELLTH

Work  Success – Focus and Maximize Your Skills

Energy- Build a Consistent Energy Supply that Supports a Balanced Life

Life Connections –  Identify how to use the resource of ‘People’ to learn, enjoy and connect.

Longevity and Health – maintain health and fitness to live a long and full life.

Thought Patterns – change the underlying patterns of your brain to produce thoughts that work for you.

Home – find a place to belong in your life, relationships, family and community for your values and purpose.

Individuals from Company Presidents to University Professors have been delighted with the life changing outcomes of taking this program.

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Training and Workshops:

Are You interested in these experiences for your Staff:


  • more skill in approaching and implementing multi-level change
  • improving the ability to approach problems without getting anxious
  • improving ability to problem solve without getting angry
  • more understanding of difficult people
  • more skill and comfort in dealing with difficult people
  • improving ability to communicate with colleagues
  • more ease of resolution for interpersonal conflict
  • increasing energy available in the workplace
  • improving motivation in meeting company goals
  • improving awareness of personal goals
  • more enjoyment in working as a team
  • more energy available for personal life
  • learning more about the possibility of living with very little stress

If any of the above are of value to you and your company, then the training and workshops Faythe provides may be a fit for you and your corporate goals.



Faythe Provides Keynotes, Training and Executive Coaching in the following areas:

Learning to Live  with Less Stress – Theory and Strategies to Live, Work and Problem Solve Without Upset

Motivation That Works – Theory and Techniques to Use Your Own Mind more Effectively and Create Permanent Motivational Change

Customized Communication – Learn Communication Styles, Looking through the Eyes of Different Personality Types, and Comfort in Dealing with Difficult People

Learning to Navigate the Change Process with Ease and Expertise – Knowing what to change, why it used to seem difficult, how to harness motivation and create internal alignment with your goals. 

Training sessions in the above topics provide practical techniques and strategies to create observable change.

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What have people said about these programs?

‘There are many trainers out there teaching people to do what they already know how to do.  What Faythe has is Gold!  What she does changes people’s mindset, maybe even their lives!  And that changes everything!  It is like a combination of ‘Dale Carnegie’ and the science of how the brain works.  It is Gold!   Mike Currie, General Sales Manager, Hillcrest Volkswagen

These programs can be accompanied by the service of follow-up and ongoing training to optimize results.

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Professional Speaker

Imagine a Motivational Speech where the effects last… and last…

Imagine take away strategies that bring measurable change to your Company, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and promote an enjoyable workplace.

Imagine a fun, informative presentation that maintains audience attention by involving all levels of the mind.

Imagine ‘having Faythe’ and creating a memorable event for your people.

With ‘content ridden’ material that is unique and fascinating, you will learn and be entertained simultaneously.

Be prepared for a lightening overview of areas of challenge followed by techniques and strategies to enable you to improve your effectiveness.


Possible Topics

‘Change Without Pain’ Making change easy.

Stress Resolution – ‘Don’t Manage Stress, Unlearn It!’ 12 Strategies to Resolve the Stress Response.

‘Read Your People’ Understand unconscious motivations so you can Lead, Manage and Inform with Amazing Success!

‘Why is Everyone Else an Idiot?!’ Decoding the Difficulties of Communication that make everyone seem to make no sense!